Car crashes into Blackstone bowling alley; stops between lanes

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BLACKSTONE, Va. — Police are investigating after a car drove into Nottoway Lanes in Blackstone, the Courier-Record Newspaper reported.

“Shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday, a local woman crashed into the east side of the Nottoway Lanes bowling alley, coming to a stop inside on Lanes 8 and 9 near the bowling ball machines,” the newspaper posted on Facebook. “She also collided with a car in the parking lot before ramming through the metal building.”

No injuries were reported.

An image from inside the bowling alley showed the car, inside the building, in the foreground and a hole in the wall in the background.

“The damage is not as bad as you might expect,” someone from the newspaper posted in the comment section of the newspaper’s Facebook post. “Insurance will be coming to inspect.”

News Editor and Blackstone Mayor Billy Coleburn said he was informed police believe alcohol played a role in the crash.

“There were reports at scene that [the] driver was upset or angry about something or with someone,” the newspaper posted. “Tracks in grass show that vehicle left parking lot on east side, re-entered, and then slammed grill-first through side of building. This was after colliding with the front of a car head-on in the parking lot.”

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