Prohibited ‘Bird’ scooters still in operation throughout Richmond

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RICHMOND, Va, -- City officials met with representatives from Bird scooters Tuesday morning to decide the future of dockless scooters in the city. But because no final decisions were made in the meeting, the scooters will remain prohibited in the city.

Despite that they are prohibited, several are still in operation.

CBS 6's Melissa Hipolit met Jonathan Vazquez boarding a scooter on his way to meet his girlfriend for lunch downtown.

"I just saw this one five minutes ago, and I said I'll give it a go," Vazquez said.

Vazquez called himself lucky to have located the Bird scooter.

"I'm pretty sure I'm lucky I just found it because everybody has been riding them around all over the place," Vazquez said.

The company dropped the dockless, electric scooters in Richmond last week and within 24 hours the city started rounding them up, saying the company did not follow the proper protocol in order to do business in Richmond.

"They're convenient, everybody seems to be riding them around," Vazquez said.

Vazquez sped off on one, weaving in and out of traffic on North Harrison Street, on his way home to pick up a helmet before heading downtown.

"I'm not trying to get pulled over or anything like that," Vazquez said.

Yet a spokesperson for the Mayor said the scooters remain forbidden, and the city will continue to round them up.

However, the spokesperson said the city will work with Bird and other scooter companies. According to them, the city told Bird that an ordinance and permits will be required before any dockless scooter initiative can be considered.

CBS 6 asked the city if folks will be cited for riding the scooters but has yet to receive an answer.

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