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How a local nonprofit gives the recipe for success to aspiring entrepreneurs

RICHMOND, Va. -- Starting your own business can be hard, but one organization in Richmond is trying to change that by teaching low income individuals what it takes to be their own boss.

For Royal McCargo, owning his own business has always been a dream. But life happens.

“I had tried my hand at small business, being an entrepreneur several times,” said McCargo. “For various reasons, a large part of my own, they weren’t able to grow the way I had intended them to.”

Never giving up on the dream, McCargo kept on working.

“Luckily as they say, when the opportunity presents its self, you have to take advantage of it. Someone saw fit to recommend me to UnboundRVA,” explained McCargo.

UnboundRVA is a non-profit that focuses on empowering individuals from low-income backgrounds and helping to give them an opportunity to own a business and transform their lives.

Royal McCargo

“Entrepreneurship is born with a great idea. I don’t mind working hard, but they fail because they don’t have the nuts and bolts of running a business,” explained Sarah Williams, executive director of UnboundRVA.

With months of training in the classroom and personal attention from program leaders, the free program gives them a recipe for success.

“The secret sauce of the all the workshops, is individuals that have a solid business plan… we actually capitalize their business with a loan,” said Williams

Which allows business owners like McCargo, a chance to give back.

“When I started this company I always saw this as an opportunity to reach a hand back into those communities and create opportunity for men and women just like myself looking to do more with their life and create better opportunity for their family,” said McCargo.

UnboundRVA has helped launch 14 businesses in the Richmond area and is currently accepting recruits for their 5th class.

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  • Royal J McCargo

    Great meeting you today, Raymond! Thanks for the opportunity to share my story and speak on an organization I absolutely love. Until we meet again…

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