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Man uses hot Virginia sun to bake a dozen cookies on car’s dashboard

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — How hot is it outside? Apparently, hot enough for a Newport News man to bake a dozen cookies on his car’s dashboard.

Joseph B. B. Quinn is going viral after he posted photos on Facebook showing a baking pan, a baking sheet, and a dozen chocolate chip cookies on his dashboard.

Quinn, who recently moved from Connecticut, says it was around 92 or 93 degrees outside and blistering 105 degrees inside his car.

After leaving the cookies in direct sunlight for two hours, he had a dozen chocolate chip cookies.

“I baked cookies in my car today. Yes, they’re tasty. Yes, my car smells like fresh cookies. Yes, it’s very nice,” he posted.

“If there was a line that defined if a cookie was done or not, these ones were just above it. It was hot, but not hot enough to bring them to that preferred golden brown,” Quinn told Fox 10 Phoenix.

The Facebook post has been shared more than 54,000 times and counting.

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