Snake sightings in Central Virginia increase

RICHMOND, Va - Central Virginians are reporting more snake sightings this year than years previous, according to Virginia Wildlife Management and Control owner Richard Perry.

Perry said this year his company is getting about a dozen calls a day of Copperhead snake sightings, and an overall average of 150 to 200 notifications of other snake encounters daily. He said that's due to the warm, wet weather the region has seen.

Those who've already had a snake encounter are more likely to see one again, according to Perry.

He said that's because snakes leave their scent, which in turn attracts other snakes. He also said at-home remedies like sulfur, moth balls, etc., don't work. He said the only way to get rid of snakes are to have them professionally removed.

Homes with piles of leaves, grass, bushes, or shrubs are more likely to attract snakes, according to Virginia Wildlife Management and Control.

Killing a snake is illegal in Virginia, unless the snake is posing a threat.

One of the longest snakes in North America, Black Rat snakes, are the most common in Central Virginia.

Perry said they can grow up to eight-feet long, and are not venomous.

One benefit of having a snake near your property is that it could keep mice and rats away.

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