‘Help me!’ Richmond woman looking for answers after mudslide coats her yard

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Unsteady on her feet, Sheila Meade struggled to walk across her front yard in the Fulton Bottom area of Richmond.

"Wait a minute I'm about to fall," Meade said. "Ugh this is a mess."

She just had the lawn manicured, and now, it's covered in mud and large rocks.

"What do you do?" Meade asked.

Meade said the mud that coated her yard and her neighbors' yards came from a nearby hill.

"The hill has given away," Meade said.

Without knowing who owns the property, and who to hold accountable, Meade feels stuck.

"I even called the Mayor's office. I want somebody to talk to me," Meade said. "This has never happened, never."

With more rain falling, and no clue what to do to dig out from this unwelcome mud bath.

"I just wanted some answers, somebody to help me," Meade said.

Meade told us she didn't feel safe staying at her home Friday night, so she will stay elsewhere, but she's hopeful the city will provide information about who owns the land where the mudslide happened as soon as possible.

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