Track rain in Richmond

South Richmond dance and mentoring program needs new home

RICHMOND Va. -- Meeting up with her fellow dancers at this Richmond park is what Ja`Meirah Lewis looks forward to all week. The six-year-old, who has quite the moves, does her best to brave the heat practicing outside -- because she loves to dance

“Stages are my favorite to dance on,” Lewis said.

Lewis and her friends are part of the group Serynity Divas, a dance and mentoring group led by Latrice Ingraham.

The girls call her Coach T and she calls them dedicated.

Despite not having an inside venue to practice, the girls keep dancing.

Coach T

They had to shift from practicing in a local community center to Forest Hill Park.

They`re keeping the faith and praying for a new practice site.

“The need is there, definitely, even if it’s a church or a basement,” Ingraham said. “The need is finding these babies a home.”

Ingraham has no kids of her own and said she`s dedicated to keeping these girls on a positive path, teaching them both dance and life lessons.

“To never give up and never quit,” she explained. “To know there`s always a way, life throws obstacles and you strive to get past them; once you reach a goal, you push towards another goals.

The girls said being a part of Serynity Divas has enriched their lives. They`re taking it all in and hope to one day make their own mark on this world.

“She loves to listen to us about anything and years it`s all about the decisions you make,” Lewis said. “If you don`t make good decisions then bad stuff happens…just want everything to work out for us, everything to be positive.”

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