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Chesterfield students honor military veterans

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MIDLOTHIAN, Va. -- Clover Hill High School, in Chesterfield County, used Memorial Day 2018 to teach a lesson that could last a lifetime. Students gathered in the school's parking lot for a ceremony led by senior Calista Yost.

"This Memorial Day I want to commemorate those who can no longer be there, but I also want to celebrate those who can," she said.

Between Calista and the students were seated military veterans who served in the Vietnam War.

"We are so quick to think that wars start at A, go to B, end at C," history teacher Nathaniel Henry said. "There's a human element to it."

Calista and her fellow history students have been interviewing veterans and transcribing their stories, in an attempt to capture everything they had experienced.

"I think it helps history come alive," Mr. Henry said. "It helps people appreciate more what we have here. Not only in terms of school, but society as well. I want them to appreciate the men and women who've donned the uniform. And be appreciative of them even in this troubled time and say thank you.  And more importantly, we remember you."

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