Family aims to raise $15,000 for K-9 companion that could save boy’s life

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PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. -- The family of an 8-year-old boy with type 1 diabetes is hoping to raise $15,000 to get their son a K-9 companion they believe could save his life.

Prince George County second-grader Bentley Garter was diagnosed in February.

As a result, Bentley has to endure multiple finger pricks and shots a day in an attempt to regulate his sugar levels.

Bentley Garter

Bentley Garter

"He's got to get his finger pricked five to six times a day," said Bentley's mom,  Kendall Garter.

"I can choose any finger," Bentley replied.

While those needles are are small, there are larger ones used to administer four shots each day.

"I get them in my arm and stomach,"  Bentley explained.

Because of his age, Bentley cannot tell if his glucose levels are too high or low. In fact,  in fact his mother said he always tells her he feels fine.

"It's a daily struggle trying to be a normal kid while having to worry about if his blood sugar is on track," Kendall Garter said.

Kendall Garter.

Kendall Garter.

The family said that the technology used to monitor their son's sugar levels is often inaccurate, so they want to get a Diabetic Alert Dog. The pup would alert Bentley -- and his mother and father -- when there is an issue with his sugar levels.

The young family with three children cannot  afford the hefty $15,000 price tag, but understand how vital it is to keep Bentley safe.

As a result, his parents are planning multiple fundraisers to help finance the K-9. One event includes a Richmond Flying Squirrels game at the Diamond on July 28.  The team is letting the family to sell tickets for that day and they get a portion of every ticket they sell.

Bentley has already named the dog "Milo," which he said stands for My Low Sugar.

However, he is on a waiting list for the dog, which when approved, will still require 6-8 months for training before Milo heads to Prince George.

"I'm hoping within a year he will be able to bring 'Milo' home," Kendall Garter said.

Click here for more information on how you can help make Milo a reality for Bentley.

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