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Chesterfield woman poured gas on herself, then set herself on fire: Crime Insider

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- The Chesterfield woman who fire officials say was burned around 35 percent of her body Sunday, remains in the VCU Medical Center burn unit.

Crime Insider sources confirm she intentionally doused herself with gas and lit herself on fire.

Neighbors say what happened in the 5500 block of Kingsland Road Sunday afternoon took them by surprise.

"She poured gasoline on herself and lit it on fire,” said emergency communications. Then: "She has severe burns to her arms, face and neck."

"That's extremely strange,” said Scott Keane who lives nearby.

Chesterfield Fire officials confirm the woman set herself on fire at home. Crime Insider sources say the woman doused herself with gas and claimed she was doing it because she wanted the man in her life to pay attention and love her.

"I saw her holding her arm up and was walking slowly and no exaggeration or anything,” said Keane. “I mean, no evidence of pain, injury, or anything else. Unless she was in shock."

"Contacting crisis for this case," said emergency communications.

Scott Keane

Officers, detective and forensics along with fire officials are working the case.

The woman was rushed to VCU Medical where Crime Insider sources say she's in serious but stable condition.

Keane said the behavior was unusual for their normally quiet street.

"Majority of the people are retired, it's quiet,” Keane said. “We keep to ourselves."

At this time no charges have been filed.