Dog missing for a week pulled from ravine near James River

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HOPEWELL, Va. – A dog missing for a week is safe at home Saturday night after being rescued from a ravine in Hopewell.

For the past four days, Hopewell firefighters and animal control have been getting calls about a trapped dog barking on the river’s edge.

But for three days, no one could locate the animal. That is until Hopewell Fire Acting Battalion Chief Matt Crocker, who went out to search again on Saturday, heard "Axis" barking.

Crocker scaled the ravine and rescued the pup, who was reunited with his family.

Bill Lunsford, who owns “Axis,” posted on Facebook that the dog is doing well.

“Axis is happy chilling in his favorite spot on the porch,” he wrote. “Feed and ready for his bath.”

Lunsford also said he was grateful to crews for not giving up on the search.

“God bless all of our law enforcement animal control officers, fire department, and volunteers and anybody that goes out of their way to protect and serve the public including our four-legged and wind friends,” Lunsford said.

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