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Man gets email about compromising video after visiting porn site

RICHMOND, Va. -- The Better Business Bureau warned of a blackmail email scam that popped up in a Richmond man's inbox.

The email included the victim's name in the subject line, followed by the words "compromising video."

The scammer wrote, "I have unpleasant news" and notified the receiver there was a virus on their computer after visiting a porn site.

In broken English, the letter read:

"Given Above mentioned software forced selfie camera of yours notebook computer. And this way I have black PR package against you. On that vidoerecord [sic] you flog the dummy."

The scammer then gives the victim two options - to pay $361 through an electronic online Bitcoin money account or the “evidence” would be sent to the victim’s friends and family.

Barry Moore, CEO and President of the Better Business Bureau serving Central Virginia, said there were several details that flagged the email as a scam to his employees.

"If Bitcoins are being asked it is because it's an international currency that’s recognized everywhere. If someone wants Bitcoins they're harder to trace than dollars," Moore explained.

In the email, the scammer admitted that English was not their native language.

"Bad grammar, bad spelling, bad punctuality, the syntax is off -- all of these are buzzwords for, 'I don’t know what I'm talking about, but I'm trying to take your money and shake you down,'" Moore said. "Don’t get involved in this."

Local law enforcement said they constantly receive reports of similar scams.

The email scam was similar to another CBS 6 reported on in 2017. 

Then, an unwed and single Richmond man received a letter from someone claiming to have evidence that he cheated on his wife.

"Don’t hook and jab with these individuals," Moore warned. "They’re criminals and they’re trying to shake you down."