Suspect hiding in crawl space tries to break into city official’s home

RICHMOND, Va. – There is now a lock on the crawl space of an elected city leader’s South Richmond home, put in place after a harrowing ordeal last Thursday night.

The woman came home to see a man crawling out from the crawl space underneath her back deck.

Police say the suspect, now identified as Hakeem Herbert, also tried to force his way into the home.

“He must have been serious about something,” a neighbor said.

Herbert had a wound on his head and told the woman he had been beaten. He told her to call an ambulance, according to police, but she called police instead.

Police said they think he got the injury from trying to gain entry into the house.

After further investigation police also discovered Herbert is a registered sex offender from Amelia County.

However, they don't believe assault was the motive.

Detectives are thinking he was trying to steal metal or copper piping from underneath the home, according to Crime Insider sources.

Regardless it's all too close for comfort for long time neighbor Doris Fuquay.

"This is a scary thing to have happen here,” she said.

Herbert was charged with burglary with intent to commit larceny.