Richmond teacher named national teacher of the year

What VCU’s yoga program teaches kids and medical students

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RICHMOND, Va. -- At VCU Health’s MCV campus daycare, everyone is learning.

Yoga for preschoolers is a collaborative initiative created by the School of Medicine's Pediatrics Interest Group and Yoga Rx students.

"VCU has that mission of trying to treat the RVA community and get them more involved in our education," medical student Zach Pottanat said.

Most of the kids in the program are children of VCU Health Systems health care professionals.

Kids like Keegan, who is eager to show off his favorite pose.

"Yoga tree!" he said.

Yoga instructor Alexandra Landolt modifies some poses to appeal to a child's imagination.

"Like, a boat pose and pretending you're a pirate and things like that and they seem to love it," she said.

Keegan's mom Marieka Helou is a pediatrician.

"We know that yoga is really great for kids physically and mentally and brings them a sense of calm and helps them to deal with anxiety and stress," she said.

"It’s kind of getting back to the basics of why I came to medical school," medical student Celeste Pilato added.

VCU Family Care Services Director Tracy Waters called the yoga class not only great for the pre-school students, but the medical students as well.

"When they go out into the work they're going to do for their lifetime, to be able to notice when there's a nuance and something they may not be developing at the same rate they would like to see," she said.

It's a fun way to build better bodies... and build better minds.

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