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Swansboro resident angry over pesky potholes: ‘Whole street is cracked up’

RICHMOND, Va. -- Robin Mines grew up in the Swansboro community. She cringes sometimes when she sees the condition of the roads there.

“This whole street is cracked up and I don’t think it has been paved since I was a kid, and I turn sixty in July” Mines explained.

After months of frustration, the homeowner contacted the Problem Solvers asking us to spotlight the potholes causing traffic safety hazards for drivers.

This started out as a small pesky pothole in the middle of Robin Mines’ block.

The small aggravation for drivers on McRand Street has morphed into a bigger problem.

Mines and other neighbors are frustrated.

“Those who are aware of the potholes are coming very close to the cars parked. Then there are others who swerve—so I’m going in the direction of oncoming traffic trying to avoid the potholes,” Mines explained.

She says an even bigger frustration is that she and other neighbors have reached out to the city in a number of ways for help.

“Online reporting that we make the city aware of it, also like I said before at the civic association meetings and with the police officers reporting that. It has been at least two months, going on three months now that this complaint has been submitted” Mines said.

This week she contacted the Problem Solvers, who reached out to city council member Parker Agelesto.

He said he’s aware of the problem and said any traffic hazard like this is a big concern. He promised to contact the Department of Public Works again.

When we reached out, late Wednesday a city public works employee showed up to lay down a temporary fix.

Neighbors are grateful. In the coming days the city crews are expected to lay down more permanent material.

Agelesto’s liaison said repaving could also be in the works soon for those neighbors on McRand Street.

She encourages other neighbors who have similar problems to go onto the city‘s website and click on RVA 311 to report their road issues.