Cardi B on Coachella debut: ‘I was trying to show the world how I got pregnant’

Hip-hop and pop culture phenomenon Cardi B makes her first appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday at 3 p.m. on CBS 6.

Cardi tells Ellen people in the hood call her Bacardi, but her friends call her Cardi. The two chat about her “Saturday Night Live” performance and the rapper shares she was nervous for the opinions to start rolling in after she confirmed her pregnancy.

Today on CBS 6!

Today on CBS 6!

Cardi talks about twerking during her Coachella debut last weekend and jokes she was showing everyone how she got pregnant in the first place. Cardi discusses how Ellen helped her fiancé, Offset, get a discount on a car and Ellen offers to help Cardi find a red Lamborghini truck even though she is a “professional passenger” and doesn’t drive.

Cardi tells Ellen she needs more friends like her since all her friends get her into fights and trouble.

The hip-hop favorite explains she wasn’t a bad kid growing up, but was disruptive and always cracking jokes in class. Cardi also shares she loved her days as a stripper because it paid the bills and enabled her to invest in her dream of becoming an artist.

Then, Cardi reveals Offset already named their baby and Ellen gifts her with a mini version of the outfit she wore on the cover of her “Invasion of Privacy” album for the baby. Plus, the breakout star doesn’t hold back while playing a round of “5 Second Rule” with Ellen.