Residents fed up with decades-old issue of water flooding

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PETERSBURG, Va. -- Neighbors said flooding and road closures are a common occurrence on Slagle Avenue and Hare Street just about every time it rains.

"We knew what we were going to see last night when it was pouring down rain, started last night and it really rained and this is the result from the rain,” said resident Gloria Frank.

"I've been here 40 years, it's been doing it the whole time,” said resident Diana Chippewa.

George Reeves use to work for the city and said that the problem has been occurring for decades.

"From 72 to this is 2018, that's a long time for to have this problem right here,” Reeves said.

When the water rises to the level it did overnight, some living here can't leave.

“I can't get out of my yard because of the water,” said Diana Chippewa. "Can't get out when it's up like that, water will get up in your tail pipe."

Others like George Reeves try to protect what they own.

“Back the truck up as far as I can and hope that it don't [sic] flood the house out,” Reeves said.

After CBS 6 contacted City Hall Public Works came out to inspect the area. Residents said they would like to see the problem fixed once and for all with a new storm water system. The city currently helps remove the standing water.

"And they'll send out the street sweeper or the suction truck and it will get the debris out of it, until the next time,” Chippewa said.

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