How residents can get emergency help through Dominion’s Energy Share program

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Dominion Energy is adding millions of dollars to a program called Energy Share that helps people going through hard times deal with their electric bills.

After our CBS 6 Problem Solve story aired, several people told us they contacted Dominion about their bills and found that getting relief can be more complicated than it seems.

Dominion Energy explained that help comes from partners of the Energy Share program, agencies that help distribute funds to people in need.

A representative clarified that not all area social services agencies are Energy Share partners.  Dominion Energy said that anyone in Henrico who needs help keeping the lights on or reconnecting their power, should reach out to Senior Connections, Henrico’s designated Energy Share partner.

Anyone under 60 can get Energy Share assistance through Senior Connections. A quick check with them today confirmed they do have Energy Share funds available.

The CBS 6 Problem Solvers also helped the viewer in Farmville by contacting the agency Step Inc.

We heard a recording that told callers that they ran out of funds, but when we checked in with a representative there, we were told that agency did have Energy Share funds available.

Step Inc. services clients in the Prince Edward County and Farmville areas.

Dominion Energy’s Janell Hancock  said the Energy Share  program recently got an infusion of money to help struggling customers in a variety of ways. The company has pledged $13 million per year over 10 years. A total of $130 million will be allocated for the Energy Share program.

“Energy Share can actually pay down a bill that’s past due or even help a customer get reconnected if they need that service," Hancock said. "[And] not just the electric bill. If somebody has a high gas bill, we can help with that through the Energy Share program.”

Problem Solvers also learned that Dominion Energy can help customers by conducting an energy audit in their home and also provide weatherization assistance.

“We love to do that. It helps their homes stay energy efficient and helps keep bills down,” Hancock added.

Learn more about the Energy Share program.

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