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Curious child finds old explosive under Chesterfield home

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — Sarah Hacke gave in.

After weeks of begging, the Chesterfield mother finally allowed her four-year-old son Andrew to go under their River Road home to see what treasures had collected under the laundry room of their home.

Andrew immediately found some bottles and other junk, but soon spotted something large in a dark corner of the crawl space.

He was too scared to travel that far under the house by himself, so he called his dad in for backup.

Dad crawled under the house and pulled out what appeared to be an old, rusty bomb.

Sarah said the home’s previous owner was a Navy veteran who fought in World War II. She said she assumed the forgotten relic belonged to him.

“My first thought was we shouldn’t be handling it and step back,” Sarah said. “But after seeing it had rusted through in a couple spots and it wasn’t heavy, we kinda figured it wasn’t ‘hot’ anymore.”

The Hacke family called Chesterfield Police to confirm the explosive was no longer a threat.

Officers and the bomb squad responded and ruled the situation safe, she said.

They even inspected the home to make sure there were no other surprises left behind.

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