Uber Eats delivery driver recalls carjacking: ‘There was a gun pointed at my face’

RICHMOND, Va. -- Constantly yawning throughout our interview, an angry and exhausted Christian Land described a terrifying night that left him without a car or a phone.

"I'm mad, I'm pretty mad," Land said. "I don't know the area. I just moved here so I was just parked there about to leave and next thing I know I have a gun in my face."

Land said he tried to make an Uber Eats delivery, but cancelled the order when the wait at McDonald's took too long.

Instead, he pulled over to watch YouTube videos on St. Peter Street in the Jackson Ward area when he got a text from his girlfriend, Stella Assefa, asking him to pick her up.

Christian Land and Stella Assefa

"It was around 11:19, and I texted him and he said, ‘ok, I'll be there in less than 10 minutes,’" Assefa recalled.

But Land never made it to Assefa.

"Next thing I know I hear two big just to knocks on the window," Land said. "I looked, and there was a gun pointed at my face, like legitimately a gun pointing at my face, and he said get the 'F' out the car."

Land said he followed orders and gave up his phone, the passcode for his phone, and the car.

He said his two attackers took off with all three, and he flagged someone down to call 911.

"You just took my car, and my phone, who are you?" Land said.

Police officers located the car just five minutes later at 1st and Main Streets after the suspect driving the car crashed into a business on E. Main St. and ran off.

Land said the suspects looked to be between the ages of 17 and 21, and he wants them brought to justice.

"First, you're going to take my car and then take my phone that I have worked so hard for, and then enjoy a ride for a couple minutes and crash my car. Who are you to do that to my stuff?" Land asked.

Richmond Police are still looking for the two males who stole the car.