Kindness rocks at Mechanicsville Elementary School

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HANOVER COUNTY, Va. -- Kindness rocks. It's a lesson Ms. Tamara Letter is happy to teach at Mechanicsville Elementary School as a Great Kindness Challenge Ambassador.

"Kindness is just a social thing that we all need to have in our life," Ms. Letter said. "We need to show empathy for others and we need to have compassion.  That's what makes this world such a great place to be."

The Hanover Education Foundation provided funding for the Passion for Kindness Program. The money goes to create kindness projects and service activities.

“We're going to paint kindness rocks and hide them, so someone can find them," 5th grade student Kailyn Hockaday said. "They can have a nice day and it will make their day brighter."

"All the activities the students are doing, while it looks like arts and crafts, it's actually developing these skills that they're going to need in the workplace one day," Ms. Letter said.  "They're going to have to learn how to get along with one another."

Originally the rocks were meant to be shared with their school and local community, but later that day upon hearing the news in Parkland, the students decided to send the rocks to Florida.

You can view them here.

Kindness rocks.

It cultivates a passion to be kind to others.

Building that kind of passion... is building better minds.

Building Better Minds with Rob Cardwell airs Wednesday on CBS 6.

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