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Va. parents may be charged after pet wolf hybrid kills newborn baby

A pet attacked a newborn baby.

WESTERN VIRGINIA, Va. — A veterinarian in Western Virginia  euthanized a dog-wolf hybrid that police said killed a newborn baby.

The Lee County Sheriff’S Office said the pet attacked and mauled the eight-day-old baby girl inside a bassinet last week. The infant  died from her injuries at the hospital.

“There were very serious injuries to the upper body and head,” said Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons. “The child had been seriously mauled by the animal.”

Sheriff Gary Parsons

The sheriff said they are presenting evidence to the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, and the parents could face charges.

“I’m concerned about whether the child was protected,”  Parson said. “So the tough part of it for me is who is in the right and who’s in the wrong.”

“You hate to charge parents that are grieving over a child, but at the same time you have to consider the rights of the child,” he added.

Investigators say the pet had been with the family for three years.

The family, reported WJHL,  has two other older children and two other dogs.