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After Henrico consignment shop closes, woman wants to know what happened to her clothes

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Jen Broyhill says she was a faithful customer at a West End consignment store, but now the sign is gone and the Henrico store is empty.

She said she thought Alice McQueen Consignment was a once thriving business. She was shocked when she and other consignors got word last spring that the owner would shut down the West Broad Village location and continue selling online under the same company name.

“She said she would drop us our checks in the mail,” Broyhill explained.

She recalled the last time she received a check was in March of 2017. After that, the customer said she never heard from the store owner again about the status of her remaining items.

She didn’t know if they had been sold, if she was owed more money or if she could come back and pick up her merchandise.

Broyhill said last August she called but did not leave the owner a message.

She said she also texted and sent emails via three different email accounts and got no response.

Jen Broyhill

Jen Broyhill

“All I wanted were my items back or for her to acknowledge, 'Yes, I have your stuff. Let’s get it back to you,'” Broyhill said.

Now that it has been six months with no contact with the store owner or associates, Broyhill has grown frustrated.

She reached out to the CBS 6 Problem Solvers to ask if we could find out what happened to her items.

“I kind of doubt that I am the only one. I had nice stuff. I’d be shocked if I am the only one. The stuff was expensive and I’d like to get it back,” Broyhill explained.

She shared several pictures with CBS 6 of clothing items that looked like the ones she registered with Alice McQueen.

Broyhill was baffled when she recently spotted what she believed to be the exact items on another website.

Alice McQueen

Alice McQueen

CBS 6 contacted the owner of Alice McQueen who said the pictures were not from her website.

She explained that the pictures Broyhill shared could have been stock photos or from other websites. She speculated they could also be pictures from someone else selling the same items that Broyhill owned, because accessories, shoes and clothing are produced on such a mass scale.

The owner provided CBS 6 Problem Solvers with a copy of Broyhill’s consignor’s contract.

It shows that she had ninety days to get the items sold or pick them up after store workers gave a courtesy call.

If consignors don’t, the owner said the items become property of Alice McQueen and can be kept, sold or donated to charity.

Broyhill said it’s frustrating.

“I feel like I was owed someone to contact me to be able to pick them up, but that never happened," Broyhill said. "After 90 days I never received any call. I would have known because I definitely would have picked it up. They were pricey items and I would have liked to have them back.”

The owner could not confirm whether their store called Broyhill once the 90 days were up. She also said she doesn’t have a record of any text, call or email from Broyhill.

She said had Broyhill left a telephone message when she called, she would have contacted Broyhill to work things out.

The owner said her company donated a majority of unclaimed merchandise to charity but still has some high end pieces in storage.

She said she has been trying to reach some customers to see if they want those items back.

The owner told CBS 6 Problem Solvers that she is willing to look through the items and if she has anything belonging to Broyhill, she plans to mail them to her in the coming days.

Since our story aired, the customer confirmed that she did hear from the owner who found a handful of her items. She said the owner was in the process of mailing them back to her this week.

The owner told CBS 6 if other customers have concerns and need to reach Alice McQueen representatives, email here.

CBS 6 Problem Solvers also found out that Broyhill isn’t the only one with a complaint. The Better Business Bureau got involved as recently as last week when a rep there confirmed that someone else filed a similar complaint against Alice McQueen.

A BBB rep said within four days the owner did resolve that customer’s issue. The owner disputes that the BBB complaint was recently made. She did say when she found out about it, she resolved it quickly. She said she received a thank you letter for quickly responding to that complaint.

She tells us that her online company also went out of business, but she is considering revamping it and bringing it back online.