What the school board is doing about 2 RPS schools that cannot lockdown

RICHMOND, Va. -- Concerned mom Jordan Lewis says there’s no time to waste when it comes to fixing a major security issue at two Richmond schools.

“Definitely press the issue. Let’s get these locks today,” Lewis said.

She is backing the school board 100 percent as members look to spend $1.5 million to equip two schools with security locks on interior doors.

That’s something the two schools currently don’t have.

For security reasons CBS 6 News is not revealing what the two schools are.

Lewis and other concerned parents say they were extremely concerned to hear about the information discussed at a recent school board meeting.

They’re just glad the board voted unanimously to allocate funds to provide interior locks and more security.

When Diane Jones heard about this issue, her mind immediately shifted to the moment she heard about the recent deadly shooting at a Florida high school, where 17 victims were murdered.

Both Jones and Lewis say it’s unnerving to think that in Richmond if there were an emergency today, two RPS schools wouldn’t be equipped to do a proper lock down.

“I just can’t imagine that. People walking in off the street. I think some people can see things happen like that in Florida and they’ll try it here. People are just crazy like that now,” Jones said.

School board member Jonathan Young said the board is taking swift action to address the security issues.

“We will be adding interior locks and other systems. Some things that you can see and others that you won’t be able to see,” Young explained.