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Cleanup underway at Chesterfield cemetery after families complain of conditions

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – One day after CBS 6 Problem Solvers brought the concerns of dozens of families to the owners of Dale Memorial Park, crews began working to repair cemetery grounds.

Backhoes and trucks were brought in, top soil and seed were put down in places that just 24 hours prior looked more like mud pits.

Workers also filled in holes and covered tire marks that ran close to and in some case over headstones.

Tuesday, outraged families say they found tire tracks over their loved ones’ grave-sites, busted vases and flowers strewn throughout the cemetery.

Cynthia Sherman was one of a number of families checking on their loved one’s plots Wednesday.  She is a member of a Facebook group that’s been calling attention to issues at the cemetery.

“That was my whole purpose of being out here for hours today… was to answer some of those questions hopefully that some people had that live out of town and can’t get here themselves,” said Sherman.

Sherman told CBS 6 that her family has already purchased plots at Dale Memorial Park to use in the future but now they are discussing what to do moving forward. She said she has watched the park get worse over the years.

“It’s sad it had to come to this extent for them to do something,” Sherman expressed after walking through the cemetery.

More families reached out to CBS 6 Problem Solvers saying that Dale Memorial was not the only cemetery owned by Dignity Memorial, and the other locations also have problems.

Wednesday, CBS 6 stopped by another one of their four cemeteries in the Richmond area, Bermuda Memorial Park in Chester.

In some places, there were headstones underwater, some under mud and leaves and more tire marks right up against headstones.

Family members said they understand winter weather can make upkeep difficult but said some of the issues are heartbreaking and inexcusable.

Wednesday, Dignity Memorial, the parent company of both cemeteries reiterated that excessive rainy weather caused a lot of the problems and prevented them from making repairs.

Bermuda Memorial Park

Company officials said repairs will continue for the rest of the week as long as weather holds up.

Management said if people notify them that there’s been damage to their loved one’s markers they will repair them for free.

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