Police officer finds kangaroo in car parked in Virginia

MARTINSVILLE, Va. — A Martinsville Police Officer got quite a surprise when he pulled up behind a car stopped on the side of the road Tuesday.

When Officer Chase Bennett walked up to the vehicle to make sure the driver was OK, he quickly learned there was a special passenger inside.

“I said ‘thank you so much for checking on me,'” Laura Steere recounted to WDBJ, “‘but we’re fine. I was just checking my kangaroo!'”

That’s right, a kangaroo.

Officer Bennett said had to pose for a photo with the marsupial.

“His ears got me the most. His ears were just kinda flopping out,” Officer Bennett said. “Who’s going to say no to seeing a kangaroo?”

Steere runs Infinity Acres Ranch, a exotic animal ranch that offers programs from students, adults with disabilities, and veterans.