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RICHMOND, Va. — For over a year the CBS 6 Problem Solvers have been working for families that live in The Flats at Ginter Park apartment complexes, trying to get help and answers for families that reached out to report their desperate situations and deplorable living conditions.

CBS 6 Problem Solvers have tried to get answers from management for months and the city has also looked for resolutions.

After meeting with property management, asking for a detailed plan for every building in the apartment complex, and never receiving those plans, the city took the property manager of the complex to court, with 12 counts of failure to make necessary repairs to property, and 10 counts of unsafe structures.

Representatives appeared in court on Tuesday, Jan. 29, but the property manager refused to answer any questions on camera after the hearing. Off-camera he said that he was a new property manager for the company.

The 22 buildings were the focus in court, with sources telling CBS 6 that this was just the first step in what will likely be a long process to get long term solutions for The Flats at Ginter Park.

Back in November, Cheryl Brown said she was a paying tenant, waiting for necessary safety repairs to be made to her home.

“I had to call someone and get it fixed on my own, that is money out of my pocket that I did not have, but I was not going to have my door just open for anyone to come in,” she explained.

Two months later, Brown said maintenance requests are falling on deaf ears. She emailed pictures and said she and her neighbors were still living with leaking, moldy ceilings. Her rent is in escrow.

The property manager is due back in court on April 10 for the trial.

These are the buildings that were focused on in court today:

Failure to make necessary changes:

  • 900 Westbrook Ave
  • 902 Westbrook Ave
  • 4800 Old Brook Road
  • 4801 Old Brook Road
  • 4802 Old Brook Road
  • 4803 Old Brook Road
  • 4804 Old Brook Road
  • 4805 Old Brook Road
  • 4806 Old Brook Road
  • 4807 Old Brook Road
  • 4808 Old Brook Road
  • 4809 Old Brook Road

    Unsafe structures:

  • 4810 Old Brook Road
  • 4811 Old Brook Road
  • 4812 Old Brook Road
  • 4813 Old Brook Road
  • 4814 Old Brook Road
  • 4815 Old Brook Road
  • 4816 Old Brook Road
  • 4819 Old Brook Road
  • 4817 Old Brook Road
  • 4818 Old Brook Road
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