Wisconsin student labeled drinking fountains ‘white’ and ‘colored’

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Photo: Amber Ariel Smith

FRANKLIN, WI — A Franklin High School student is being disciplined after labeling school drinking fountains as “white” and “colored,” the school said Tuesday.

An image of the signs, which imitate discrimination experienced by African-Americans under Jim Crow, were shared widely on Facebook Monday evening. reported WTMJ.

“From my sisters being called N***** and the school not doing anything about it. To students making a VIDEO about how it’s OKAY to say n***** for a presentation and the school STILL not doing anything. To THIS,” Amber Smith wrote in her Facebook post.

Franklin High School confirmed the incident in a statement from Principal Michael Vuolo, saying “administration was able to identify the individual responsible and address that student’s behavior.”

“This act was in no way part of any school project, curriculum, or initiative,” the statement reads in part. “This act of intolerance by an individual does not represent the values of Franklin High School or the approximately 1700 people who teach and learn here every day.”

Vuolo described the act as “offensive, hurtful, and wrong.”

Student services and administrative staff will be available to talk with, he said.

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