Mom admits to killing son after remains found hidden in car trunk

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HAMPTON, Va. -- A Richmond woman charged after police found her son’s body in the trunk of her car – has now admitted to killing him. Tonya Slaton pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the death of her teenage son Quincy Davis, the Virginia Pilot reported.

Virginia State Police found Davis' remains in the trunk of Slaton's car during a 2015 traffic stop on Interstate 64 in Hampton. Davis had not been seen since 2004 or 2005, but was never reported missing.

A judge hearing Slaton's case sentence her to 10 years in prison, with two years suspended. Slaton had been scheduled to go on trial next week for second-degree murder.

Slaton, who lived in Richmond at the time of her arrest, was charged after state troopers made the gruesome discovery after pulling over Slaton for driving with an outdated registration sticker.

During the stop, Trooper Maurice Lockett testified said the Troopers spent one hour trying to locate the car’s VIN number after Slaton could not provide her registration.

“We thought she was a victim of a VIN swap at first,” Lockett testified, who also noted the VIN numbers appeared to have been tampered with. “We thought someone stole a vehicle, switched the VIN numbers, and sold it to [Slaton].”

Because they were unable to establish who the vehicle belonged to they were required to tow it, according Lockett. Before the vehicle can be towed however, troopers have to take inventory of the vehicle.

Quincy Davis and Tonya Slaton

“It’s meant to protect us, to protect the tow truck driver, and ultimately protect the driver,” Lockett said.

During the inventory of the vehicle, Trooper Dermyer discovered a black trash bag in the trunk.

Slaton allegedly threw some clothes on top of the bag, saying the bag contained just clothes. The trooper also noticed a large white stain located on the floorboard behind the driver’s seat. “When questioned, (she) explained that she spilled some bleach.”

After getting a search warrant, the troopers found Quincy’s body in two plastic bags wrapped in duct tape hidden in the trunk.

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