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Henrico woman details weeks long process dealing with DIRECTV dilemma

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HENRICO, Va. -- A Henrico woman thanked the CBS 6 Problems Solvers for remedying a month-long issue with DIRECTV.

Lisa Parsley says she has been trying to get the satellite company back out to the home she rents since January first when they installed her new service.

“If I was a stick of dynamite I probably would have blown,” said Parsley.

That was Parsley’s reaction when she says a technician placed a new dish on her landlord’s home without consulting her first. She feared she would be evicted because it was placed next to an existing dish.

“If he had given me the option as to whether to keep it on the roof or out in the yard, I would have told him see if you can find it in the yard, don’t put another one on the roof,” Parsley said.

But Parsley says that conversation never happened, as it should have according to DIRECTV’s own installation video. https://support.directv.com/ordering-dtv/2657 for new customers.

Parsley says she was only asked to sign a work order via an iPad prior to installation. It wasn’t until after installation, when she requested a physical copy of the work order, that she realized what she was signing.

Parsley was also upset because the $200.00 Visa Reward Card she was promised with her new service was later rescinded.

“They told me that I qualified for no deposit and a $200 gift card so that was really great sealed the deal,” said Parsley. “A few days later, I get this letter that’s saying the offer I was getting was not the accurate offer it was the wrong offer I didn’t qualify for it, I’m confused.”

Lisa Parsley

She spent hours on the phone to address these concerns with the company with no resolution in sight.

“Kept transferring me around and telling me to call back,” said Parsley. “I tried several times and at least seven different phone numbers to try to get it resolved. I did it for several days got nowhere.”

“Every number I tried went overseas nobody here locally was to be found,” Parsley said. “The biggest thing they were trying to do, is refer me from another department to another department and having to go through the same thing all over again.”

That’s when she reached out to the CBS 6 Problem Solvers and we reached out to DIRECTV.

“The next day I got a call from the President’s office of AT&T,” said Parsley.

Three days after CBS 6's inquiry, DIRECTV came out Friday to remove the old dish and reroute the wires that were left on the roof. They also credited Parsley’s account with the $200 she was promised.

“It took a lot to get us here and I had to go to the extent of getting the investigators involved, without them I would have gotten nowhere,” said Parsley.

CBS 6 reached out to DIRECTV with several questions on its policies concerning installation.

The company provided us with the following statement:

“We have spoken with the customer and are working towards a resolution quickly,” wrote a DIRECTV spokesperson.

Parsley says she received a call of apology Friday afternoon from her first technician’s supervisor.

“It’s actually the ultimate outcome,” said Parsley.

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