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Spring Run students use 3D printer to launch business

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- At Spring Run Elementary School in Chesterfield County, creativity can come in the shape of a heart.  Or, sometimes it can come in the shape of a fighter jet.

Teacher Rob Motrynczuk has his students designing their own business creating products on 3D printers.

"What can you make that's interesting for a K-5 kid to get out of a gumball machine that would fit in a 2-inch capsule?" Motrynczuk said.

The kids use Tinkercad software to design a product. Commercials air during the school's morning announcements.

Students have a chance to win these homemade trinkets.

"We put them in a gumball machine in the office and they're given out as positive rewards," Motrynczuk said.

It's a fun program that motivates all students to do well; in their behavior and in the classroom.

“We talk about at our school the four C's:  Collaborations, communication, critical thinking and creativity."

Creativity that's building confidence… and building better minds.

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