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Hounds found abandoned in Hanover

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HANOVER COUNTY, Va. -- Hanover Animal Control reported finding multiple hounds abandoned in the county. Between December 27 and 31, 2017, Hanover Animal Control picked up eight hounds found in the same area along Route 54 outside of Ashland.

The county is now caring for the eight hounds at its animal shelter.

Hanover Animal Control Chief Jeffrey Parker said he did not know from where the dogs came, but added the animal were in great condition. He said he believed the dogs recently had owners.

Linda Wickham, who has worked for 30 years rescuing animals, said while she also does not know from where the dogs came, she suspected the dogs once belonged to hunters.

"You still have the old fashioned hunters, as I call them," Wickham said. "[To some] it's just a dog and the dog does not do its job, the dog is not worth anything."

She said some believe it's easier to take the collar off the dog and hope it finds a new home.

Wickham said these dogs have not found a wonderful home, yet. She said she hoped people would see this story and adopt the hounds.

"When they don't hunt they typically make the best family pets, they're always good with children, very tolerant of other animals, and true couch potatoes," Wickham said.

If you're interested in adopting one of the hounds, contact Hanover County Animal Control at (804) 365-6485 or via email.

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