Far West End community shocked by shopping center stabbing

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HENRICO, Va. -- What exactly happened in a Henrico parking lot Monday night is still a mystery.

But the aftermath is causing a bit of concern for people who shop here and live close by. "We went to pick up a pizza at Little Caesar's, and police had it all taped off,” said Teresa Jones, who lives nearby.

Henrico police say a man stumbled into the Ollie's doorway on Gayton Road Monday night, bleeding heavily.

Crime insider sources say he was struggling to stay conscious. "He had severe trauma to the upper body,” said Lt. Richard Cosby. “He was transported to a local hospital."

Lt. Richard Cosby

Crime Insider sources say at the hospital, the man nearly bled out, saying he needed more than ten blood transfusions to be stabilized.

Those same sources said the victim was stabbed and had a deep cut to his neck.

"I mean we have no updates on him, was this a robbery or was it random,” asked Jones. “I mean, I shop there and have small children to think about."

People living close by say they're not naive and know crime can happen anywhere, but they are a bit stunned this kind of violence played out so close to home and wonder what triggered the incident. "I can't imagine being in the store and seeing someone come in like that,” said Jones. “What a tragic situation."

Crime Insider sources say the man, even after surgery, has life-threatening injuries. Police aren't ready to put out suspect information, but if you believe you saw something, call police.

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