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RICHMOND, Va. -- A high-speed chase ran through a Southside Richmond neighborhood Friday, but police were not involved.

Crime Insider sources said a man on a mission of vigilante justice may have caused a serious crash at the intersection of 34th and Decatur streets.

He was apparently racing south on the narrow city street, when he called police to tell them he was chasing a SUV that someone had stolen from him.

Police said communication operators asked the man to stop pursuing the SUV and leave it to them, but Crime Insider sources said he disconnected the line.

The end result was a two-car crash.

"I heard a loud ‘boom,’" said Jacquet Barnes, who lives on that corner.

At that spot, police said the SUV being chased hit a Chevy Impala, causing it to spin and sever a power pole before flipping on its side.

"We have power,” said Barnes. “I hope it won't go out."

Dominion Energy crews told CBS 6 that they had to cut the power for at least three hours to fix the mess that the car caused.

Residents weren’t happy about being in the bitter cold and dark, but said it paled in comparison to the injuries they saw on the scene.

Police said two people were injured and witnesses said those injuries looked serious.

Crime Insider sources said a woman on scene tried using a metal pipe to assault an accident victim.

There has been no word on arrests or if that original 911 caller faces any charges.

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Jon Burkett is the Crime Insider. Watch for his reports weeknights on CBS 6 News at 11 p.m.

Jon Burkett is the Crime Insider. Watch for his reports weeknights on CBS 6 News at 11 p.m.