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Dominion Energy heads to Puerto Rico to help rebuild infrastructure

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RICHMOND, Va. –Many residents of Puerto Rico remain without power three months after Hurricane Maria toppled the power infrastructure.

Dominion Energy is working to do something about that and are sending 80 Dominion personnel as part of an armada of 1,500 linemen from other utility companies across the country.

David Botkins of Dominion Energy says along with the Edison Electric Institute, Fema and The Army Corp of Engineers, they are going to Puerto Rico for the first time ever to tackle the power outages left on the island.

The transportation and logistics of getting to Puerto Rico is one of the biggest issues.

“Now that they have done some assessment down there and they`ve gotten some of the roads and bridges and other forms of transportation remedied, we can get over there and get some work done,” Botkins said.

Responding to a mass outage like this is nothing new for Dominion. Many Virginians were left without power for a long period of time after Hurricane Isabel hit in 2003. The power grid was devastated but Dominion was able to restore power to hundreds of thousands of customers and they say they plan to do the same in Puerto Rico.

“So we`re going to go down there and storm the beaches along with the rest of the folks with other utility companies across the country and do what we can to be of assistance,” Botkins said.

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