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Petersburg teen battling cancer surprised by former NFL player

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PETERSBURG, Va. -- A 14-year-old Petersburg boy, who is set to have surgery to remove tumors in his lung in January, got a special visit from a former NFL player Tuesday.

Le’Roger Price Jr., lives for football.

“His spirit when he’s on that field is just awesome. It's like he’s out of this world, he loves football," Price's mother, Andrea Jackson said.

LeRoger Price Jr.

But in April, after a game, Jackson told his mom he was not feeling well.

"He said that his chest was hurting when he stood up straight, and he couldn’t breathe," recalled Jackson.

The mother said she took her son to the doctor, expecting nothing, but got information that changed their lives forever.

"When we got to MCV, they did a CAT Scan and MRI and saw the tumor on his lung and on his spinal cord. I just asked God why," Jackson said through tears.

LeRoger Price Jr. and mom

Since then, 14-year-old Price has endured major surgeries to try to remove the tumors and is now gearing up for another surgery in early January.

But that’s not stopping him, even though he could not play this year, Price volunteered as a coach and showed up to almost every practice.

Tuesday, Price got just the boost he needed, when Richmonder and former NFL player Michael Robinson surprised him with a visit.

"He told me to keep my head up and don’t let it get down," Price said with a smile.

LeRoger Price Jr. and Michael Robinson

Price says he’s determined to tackle cancer and be back on the field this spring.

"I just know that God got me, and I’m just going to keep my head up regardless of what happens to me," Price said as he grabbed his football.

"I’m getting emotional now because he loves it. I love it… I love football because of him," Jackson said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

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