Strangers offer special pledges to teen’s fundraiser for service dog

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PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. -- After a story aired two days ago on CBS 6 about a Prince George County teen in need of a service dog, the family received two special phone calls.

"They had contact from a service dog trainer that has offered to train Murphy Rae herself at no charge," said Susan Steward, who is coordinating a $25,000 fundraiser for teenager Gabby Boiteau. "She herself has a service dog and is just paying it forward."

Sixteen year old Gabby Boiteau has lived with health scares since she was in second grade, she underwent her first medical procedure in sixth grade and had a pacemaker by ninth grade. She knows that every year she gets older, she may get another heart problem.

"I still have times where I feel my pacemaker work, when my heart is stopping" she says.

Besides a heart condition, Gabby has other medical issues, and she passes out about three times a week.

This lab is carrying a puppy that friends hope to get for Gabby

But in February, the birth of a furry little puppy, already named Murphy Rae,  could turn things around.

"Murphy is not just a dog to Gabby,"  Steward said. "He is a reason to give her hope again."

Another person pledged to donate kennel for "Murphy Rae."

The online fund-raising campaign caught the eye of Front Door Realty Group Owner Jennifer McCray.

"I thought they're going to need a fence so I didn't want that to be a financial burden on them after all they have gone through and I thought that would be the perfect way to help," said McCray, who plans to have  picket fence installed in Gabby's backyard.

The Prince George High School sophomore also gets medical treatment while in school.

"Today she's actually at school, hooked up to IV Fluids" said her mom Lisa Boiteau adding it happens three times a week "So the kids will see the tube hanging out of her book bag"

The service dog will provide a means for Gabby to have her legs raised if she passes out, and provide comfort during an anxiety attack.

The fund-raiser is intended to help out the single mom.

"Gabby's disease is not going away," Steward said. "So there will be astronomical medical expenses for this family long-term and we want to make sure there are no expenses out-of-pocket for Murphy throughout his life".

If you would like to donate here is the link.

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