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Wife wants answers after Colonial Heights father of 6 found dead

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- Heartbroken and left with a million questions. Amy Middlebrooks said she still does not believe her husband is gone.

Mark Anthony Middlebrooks, a Colonial Heights father of six reported missing in November, was found dead in Hopewell last Friday, December 1.

Amy said she wanted to know how her husband got to Hopewell where he was found dead inside of his car -- but on the passenger side.

He had been last seen alive on November 18 in Essex County.

Mark and Amy Middlebrooks

In his last communication with his wife, he told her he was on his way home.

Mark Middlebrooks' cell phone pinged in Petersburg early in the morning of November 19, according to Crime Insider sources.

"They think he was killed in Petersburg,” Amy said Wednesday. “I'm sorry, I just don't have answers."

The parking spot where Mark Middlebrooks was found is what baffled Amy the most. If someone knew he needed help, all they had to do is take him across the street to John Randolph Medical Center.

"Who left him there? He was right across the street from the hospital, and nobody saw a 6’5'' man dead in his car?" asked Amy with tears. "I'm sorry."

Amy Middlebrooks

Neighbors said the car had been in the parking lot of a vacant business for more than two weeks, and that nothing looked out of the ordinary because transients frequent the lot.

"Eerie to think that somebody could just have no regard for human life and just do that,” said a Hopewell resident. “It's kind of scary."

Amy Middlebrooks said it was her ongoing nightmare, as she struggled with constant questions that she doesn't know how to answer.

"How do you even explain that to a child when you don't know what happened to him,” Amy asked. “You don't have, who did this to my dad? What happened? How did this happen? Why did this happen?"

Mark and Amy Middlebrooks

Hopewell Police are now investigating the death.

The Medical Examiner’s Office will determine the cause of death, but those results may take nine weeks.

Anyone with information about Middlebrooks can call Colonial Heights Police at 804-520-9300.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Middlebrooks family with funeral expenses.