Cell phone battery pack bursts into flames at Chesterfield school

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — Chesterfield firefighters issued a safety warning after a student’s external battery pack caught fire at Swift Creek Middle School.

Firefighters were called to the middle school Monday afternoon for a fire alarm activation.

“A student had an external battery pack for a cell phone in their backpack when they started to feel heat from the backpack,” a Chesterfield Fire and EMS spokesperson wrote on Facebook. “They removed the external battery pack which was extremely hot to the touch and dropped it in the hallway where it burst into flames.”

The school principal was able to put out the small fire, but the flames set off the school’s fire alarm.

The school was evacuated for approximately 30 minutes.

“While many of these devices are safe, we are advising to pay close attention to them while they are in use,” the Chesterfield Fire and EMS spokesperson said. “Do not place them in backpacks, pockets, or in close proximity to combustible items. If they feel hot, immediately unplug it from your device or outlet.”

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