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Thousands of white crosses honor lives lost to addiction in Virginia every year

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- There are over 3500 white crosses outside Westminster Presbyterian Church on Monument Avenue to honor all of the lives lost to addiction in Virginia every year.

Some of the crosses includes the name of Virginians who died from addition.

CBS 6 talked to one mom who lost her son, Taylor Grow, last year when he relapsed during recovery and overdosed on heroin.

Tracy Grow said he became addicted after being prescribed pain medicine for an injured toe.

She said more resources need to be devoted to recovery programs.

"The first time he used his brain changed and something snapped, and you don't get that back. The brain can recover, but you need long term recovery and you know putting someone in rehab for 30 days isn't enough, they need long term help," Grow said.

Tracy Grow and son

The McShin Foundation organized the crosses and a candlelight vigil that happened Friday night.

McShin hosts a grief support group every week for folks who have lost someone to overdose.

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