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547 days after farming accident, #KatyStrong is a new mom

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- It's been 547 days since Katy Daniel almost died in a farming accident in Dinwiddie County.

An accident that resulted in her losing her hair, scalp and ears.

But in the 18 months since, she has not only had a miraculous recovery, she now has a new miracle in her life.

Weighing in at just over 8 pounds, "Cash Allen" was born at 3:45 Sunday morning, a very healthy baby boy.

Katy Daniel

"He's doing wonderful, perfectly healthy, good little baby," said Katy Daniel while holding her bundle of joy in a room at Johnston Willis Hospital.

It's been quite a journey for the now 21-year-old, who on Mothers Day 2016, was in a field in Dinwiddie County being loaded onto a medical helicopter headed for VCU Medical Center.

Katy Daniel

The auger she was standing on had caught her hair, a catastrophic accident but within hours the #KatyStrong was going viral on social media and the then 20-year-old stayed trued to the phrase.

Fifty-seven days after going into the hospital and seven surgeries later, she walked out.

Katy and Cash

Now,  just 18 months later, she sits holding her newborn baby with Jesse by her side, the boyfriend who never wavered in his love for the Katy.

"We've been through a lot, a lot, more than most couples I think," said Katy.

Both mom and Cash, named after Johnny Cash, are doing fine.

Dad says in the hours since the baby was born, a feeling has come over him that really can't be put into words.


"I definitely got some new feelings I've never had before and definitely a love I've never had for anyone," said Jesse.

Jesse says he's ready for the family to be home in Prince George County and says through the accident, pregnancy and now birth of their son, while he has been stressed out, Katy has indeed been strong.

"The way she handles things you know, kind of just mellows me out," he added.

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