13-year-old boy helps save 2 toddlers: ‘It was scary’

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EL MIRAGE, Ariz.  — A 13-year-old boy who alerted his mother to two toddlers in distress in a vehicle in Arizona said what he witnessed was disturbing.

“I saw a car sitting right here and the parents were sleeping and I saw a baby jumping around crying,” said Daniel Witt.

“And he came back inside and begged me, ‘Mom, please do something about it,'” Misty Witt-Tonips told KTVK.

Witt-Tonips went outside and walked around the red Jeep. A man and woman were passed out in the front seats and that is when she saw one of the children.

“As far as we could see there was only one and it was naked,” said Witt-Tonips.

She immediately dialed 911.

“They were crying and I saw they were sweaty and the parents were sweaty. It was scary,” said Daniel.

“If it was in the dead heat of summer these kids could have been dead,” said Witt-Tonips.

The man and woman inside the car were identified as Stacy and Gregory Dobbs. According to the police report, when officers searched the Dobbs’ car they found needles and other drug paraphernalia. The children, ages 1 and 2 years old, had no diapers and had bruises on their bodies.

“I was pretty disgusted that, I mean, even a parent even if they are on drugs why would they put their children in that kind of situation,” said Witt-Tonips.

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