Deputy’s kind acts get kids back on the road… smiling

SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. — This Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Deputy turned around a bad situation for some children in his community.

“A few weeks ago, Deputy Jurgens received a call about a ten year old’s bike being stolen in the neighborhood of Salem Run townhouses. Unfortunately, Deputy Jurgens wasn’t able to locate the stolen bike,” the sheriff’s department posted on Facebook. “A couple days later, Deputy Jurgens returned to the ten year old’s home with a brand new bike and helmet for him!”

But Deputy Jurgens kindess did not stop there.

“While Deputy Jurgens was delivering the new bike to the ten year old, he heard about another young child who did not have a bike at all. Since the child didn’t have a bike to ride, he would run next to all the kids while they rode theirs,” the department posted. “Yesterday, Deputy Jurgens returned back to the neighborhood of Salem Run and delivered a brand new bike along with a new helmet to the little boy.”