Neighbors upset over new Church Hill housing complex

RICHMOND, Va. -- In a matter of months, there will be an 82-unit low income housing complex on the 3-acre plot of land at Glenwood Avenue and Government Road.

Church Hill residents say the move came as a surprise, and they feel it was poorly planned.

"When you have a string of single family residence houses, why would the area across the street, which is woods and swampland, be designated to be high urban zoning?" asked Glenwood Avenue homeowner Sarah Pedersen.

The city and developers expect to break ground in January, but people who live in the area are still voicing their concerns. Hundreds even signed a petition against the plans.

Neighbors say they understand the need for affordable housing, but say the plot of land at Glenwood Avenue and Government Road is not the place to do it.

"Those are the people that need sidewalks, that needs safe roads, that need un-flood prone areas more than anyone else,” expressed Pedersen.

The petition that residents are circulating to try to delay construction, says the location is not fit for an 82-unit housing development.

People who live in the area say the stretch of Glenwood Avenue is not pedestrian friendly, there is only one store within walking distance, and public transportation is not easily accessible, which may present problems for families in the new development.

"Just like we want the best for our daughter, we want the best for the kids across the street that will potentially live there as well," said Pedersen.

CBS 6 reached out to the developers and city officials, but are still waiting to hear back.

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