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Cow cuts into recess, closes Hanover school playground

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. — Students at Beaverdam Elementary School in Hanover had to hoof it back to class earlier that normal during school recess Monday, Hanover Schools spokesperson Chris Whitley said.

“We brought our fifth graders inside from recess and temporarily closed the playground as some cattle from a nearby farm had gotten loose and one cow was spotted behind the school,” principal Chip Joseph said in a message to parents. “Once we were informed that all the cattle had been contained and returned to their farm, students were allowed back on the playground.”

School leaders said they appreciated the students’cooperation during what was supposed to be a free time to play.

“It was ‘udderly’ amazing; truly a ‘moooving’ experience,” Whitley added. “The kids will be talking about this until the cows come home.”