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Tenant frustrated by growing trash pile: ‘It’s ridiculous’

RICHMOND, Va. -- Neighbors in an East End community say they're fed up with trash thrown about their neighborhood.

The ironic part, one CBS 6 viewer tells Problem Solvers is they're dumping trash literally just a few feet away from the trash receptacle.

It's becoming more than an eyesore.

Donovan Thorne lives at The Villas of Oakwood. He can't get over the pile of more than 40 trash bags and other items.

CBS 6 spotted two sofas, televisions and more, all sprawled out on the ground. The mess was even taking up a part of someone's parking space.

"It is getting to a point that it is ridiculous. You come home and go to put the trash out and see this pile. It smells,” Donovan said. “Stray animals are coming around here because of this and it’s just unfair to people who live here. It's definitely unfair for those who have to clean it up."

He says he has taken his concerns to management a few times. He asked CBS 6 Problem Solvers to shed light on the issue.

Donovan is upset that neighbors are ignoring a sign which instructs people who live there to not place trash outside of the compactor, which does work.

He's also upset that the pile has been allowed to sit in the same spot for at least a week.

"Once people see this, they assume it’s not working. I don’t know if we need new signage or better lighting," he added.

Thorne says there are fines for people who illegally discard their trash on the ground. He wants management to step up enforcement and get tougher on violators.

He also wants neighbors to think twice before tossing their trash anywhere they want.

"It has been going on over the years. I don't want to put everything on the apartment complex because they can only do so much. They can only threaten to fine so much. They can only have their staff cleaning up so much," Thorne said.

CBS 6 Problem Solvers contacted the property management company that oversees this neighborhood. We are still waiting on a return call from Frye properties.

Late Thursday evening, Thorne sent CBS 6 another picture of the trash area near his home.

He said after our CBS 6 news crew left the property, he spotted a single maintenance person working for several hours to clean up the area.

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