‘We’re not a school like that’: Racial slur insults Midlothian students

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. -- A Midlothian High School student was on Twitter Sunday night when she was shocked by a racial slur referring to a homecoming spirit day protest.

The theme was red, white and blue and allegedly some students were going to wear black.

The tweet was a picture taken from a group chat: “Apparently the nigs of midlo are wearing black to protest America day.”

“I was very appalled, to say the least,” she said. “I was shocked to see that it had come from my school for one because we’re not a school like that.”

The Chesterfield senior — who does not want to be identified—  said she loves and has always felt loved in return.

A feeling of being deceived brought her to tears Monday night.

“I’m really close to a lot of these kids so the fact that it was even brought up like that my whole world has almost been torn to shreds,” she said. “It’s definitely opened my eyes a lot because I was never a kid to see color.”

She responded to the tweet.

“WTF, Midlo I’ve never been more disappointed and offended to think that some of us “nigs” considered you to be friends.”

She says she couldn’t be silent and expects the same from her student body. She was surprised she had not seen more support.

“If you see a problem and don’t address it then you’re just as guilty as the person who did say it.”

Her parents are proud their daughter took a stand.

“We taught her to not look at color,” her dad said. “It hurts when we are telling her that and it comes back to her in a different aspect.”

“Her eyes were so pure to have just experienced it for her to be hurt by people that she loved they was just her friends but again everything is a teachable moment so we’ll teach her how to turn something negative into something positive,” her mom said.

School administrators investigated after hearing about the texts, which were sent outside of school hours.

“While the investigation continues, students were reminded today of the possibility for student disciplinary consequences for disruptions to the learning environment even if they originate off school property,” the statement read in part.

Leaders would not say if any disciplinary action had been taken, but said they were assuring parents the situation would be handled.

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