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Richmond woman lands on 2018 world championship U.S. Parachute team

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Christine and her team at Nationals. Photo: USPA/David Wybenga.

RICHMOND, Va – The sky is the limit for Richmond resident Christine Bruchac who just earned a slot on the prestigious U.S. Parachute Team that will compete at the 2018 World Championships in Australia.

Bruchac and her team, Phoenix XP, earned the team spot as the highest-placing all-female four-way formation skydiving team at the U.S. Parachute Association (USPA) National Skydiving Championships last week at Skydive Perris in California.

In formation skydiving, four-person teams exit the airplane more than two miles above the ground and race against the clock to form prescribed geometric formations in freefall before opening their parachutes.

Christine and her team at Nationals. Photo: USPA/David Wybenga. Christine is on the far left.

A videographer jumps with the team to capture the maneuvers for the judges on the ground.

Bruchac, 39, has completed more than 3,000 skydives. Phoenix XP will head to the World Championships as the U.S.’s all-female four-way team.

Christine and her team at Nationals. Photo: USPA/David Wybenga.

Founded in 1946, the USPA is a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of safe skydiving nationwide, establishing strict safety standards, training policies and programs at more than 240 USPA-affiliated skydiving schools and centers throughout the United States.

Each year, USPA’s 39,000-plus members and hundreds of thousands of first-timers make nearly four million jumps in the U.S. USPA represents skydivers before all levels of government, the public and the aviation industry and sanctions national skydiving competitions and records.