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Chesterfield teen finds brick smashed through window, home robbed

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. – Teenager Jack Saunders arrived home from school to find his home trashed; glass shattered at the back door where thieves gained entry.

Saunders was alone at his Bayhill Pointe home.

“This chair was moved and there was glass just all over,” he said. “And there was the brick laying in the floor.”

He said thieves went through everything.

"My bed was all like…everywhere… because they were like looking for stuff,” he said. “My sister’s clothes were on the ground.”

He said the thieves made off with the families personal belongings, electronics and three firearms.

Door smashed

“My Apple Watch.  A lot of jewelry from my Mom.  And just some cash, my wallet was gone," Saunders said.

He called his parents and then police to report the crime.

“At first, yeah, I was really scared,” he said. “And then, the police got here and then I realized there was nobody here.  So, I was good after that.”

Chesterfield Police confirm there were two reported burglaries this week in that neighborhood, and said they may be related. Four were reported so far this year.

Jack Saunders

And since January, there were eight reported larcenies from vehicles in Bayhill Pointe.

Police believe juveniles may be responsible for the home burglaries.

Saunders said his sense of security is now a little shaken.

“We didn’t think it was going to happen to us,” he said. “But now we know like it can be anybody.”

Detectives are looking into several leads in this case, but they are not prepared to identify a suspect.

They encouraged community members to lock their cars and remove any valuables.