Nikki-Dee learns how Sheltering Arms helps stroke patients

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MECHANICSVILLE, Va. -- I got to work with Meredith M. Bowen, MOT, OTR/L, LSVT BIG® Certified (IE Occupational Therapist). She is incredibility kind and informative. I was highly impressed with the technology available at Sheltering Arms.

We worked with a gentleman who had a stroke and lost function in his right arm. Thanks to the technology of the ArmeoPower OR Rapael Smart Glove, which is a robotic-assisted with virtual reality component for arm and/or hand rehabilitation, he is able to re-learn day-to-day tasks, such as cutting vegetables.

Once he mastered the computer, we moved on to the real thing in the Sheltering Arms kitchen.

Next, we met with another stroke victim. She lost the use of her right arm and needed to re-learn how to drive.

Thanks to the 'driving simulator' she is able to re-learn how to dive while staying safe!

For more information, contact Sheltering Arms

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